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Rust & Wasm

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Rust & Wasm

Neo Quest
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Rust & Wasm is a subscription service that delivers incredible tutorials to help you run your Rust code on the web using WebAssembly.

The tutorials start from the basics of setting up a web app and the wasm toolchain that enables the export of Rust functions, making them available in javascript. Each tutorial comes with an attachment of the complete code.

Tutorials already available:

  • React and Rust Wasm setup
  • DOM Manipulation in Wasm using Rust
  • Canvas Rendering in Wasm using Rust
  • WebGL2 Rendering in Wasm using Rust
  • Image Processing using Photon in Wasm using Rust
  • Using Bevy Game Engine in Wasm
  • Render a 3D Scene using Bevy in Wasm
  • Play an Audio File using Bevy in Wasm
  • Play an Animated 3D Model using Bevy in Wasm
  • Build your own Breakout Game
    • 3 step-by-step tutorials to build the entire game
  • Embed Wasmtime in your Rust app
    • Ability to load wasm modules on-demand in a server-side Rust application
  • Load Wasm modules in Python
  • Create Web Apps in Rust using Yew

Follow along to become an expert within a few weeks!

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